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Paula Page

Paula made a big impression when she filled the cover and centre a pages of Kamera No.30 (1960). If you had an 8mm projector you could be Making Hay with Paula in the barn that month. She had first been seen in Kamera No.28. In issue 34 she went alfresco with Avra Bennett, a horse and a Buick. This resulted in another glamour film, Model Mechanics. There were three more films that year, All in a Day's Work, Nautical Nudes with Caron Gardner and I Spy. Towards the end of the year she filled Solo No.16 more than adequately. There were two Kamera Calendar shots, February '61 and January '62. Photos from the 1960 shoots continued to appear in Kamera from time to time right up until issue 77.

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Cleo Simmons

When beautiful blue-eyed blonde Cleo first started modelling for Harrison Marks, he heralded her as 'the greatest model since Pamela Green and June Palmer'. The six photos of her in Kamera No.70 (1965) were taken on the set of the Naked World of HM, in which she had a part. She was featured again in issue 71. Cleo then got the cover slots on Femme No.9 and Kamera No.72. There followed Solo No.48 and no less than four glamour films; Cleo, French Dressing, Session with Cleo and Temptation. She was also a 1966 Kamera Calendar girl.

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Annette Johnson

Annette Johnson was another of Harrison Marks' favourites. He first gave readers a glimpse of her on the fly page and page 32 of Kamera No.54 (mid '63). She was then seen again in No's 55 and 56 before taking the cover and colour centre spread of No.58. Then she decorated the pages of Solo No.35 very nicely. She had an acting role in The Naked World of Harrison Marks, co-starring with the man in his Casanova Strikes Again sequence. In Kamera No.61 and the glamour film Hot Cinders she is photographed and filmed on the set. Her final appearances in Kamera came in 1965. In issue No.70 we see her looking very demure with her long blonde hair pinned up.

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Elaine Desmond

Elaine did five photo shoots for Harrison Marks during 1963 and 1964. Thirty-one photos from these shoots appeared in Kamera in issues No's 51, 52, 61, 64, 76 & 80. She was on the cover of Kamera No.64. Her Solo performance was in issue No.42. She also appeared in Kamera Special No.3 (1 photo), she made the cover of Kamera Special No.4 (shown on the beach in Cornwall during the 1964 shoot) plus 7 other photos, and there were 3 photos of her in Kamera Special No.5. Just one glamour film for Elaine called Elaine Desmond (would you believe?).

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Jackie Salt

Here is petite Jackie, of whom we may never know how she would have liked her name spelt. At various times it appeared as Jacki, Jacqui as well as Jackie. She was one of the stars of 'Naked as Nature Intended', Harrison Marks' first feature film. We first saw her in Kamera for the first time in the sea on page 6 of issue No.41 (1961) shot during the filming. We saw her again in No's 42, 43, 44, 49, 58 and 61 as well as Solo No.23, so I think it would be fair to say than HM was quite fond of her as, no doubt, many of the readers were. There were two glamour movies of Jackie, A Touch of History, in which she appears as an Indian Squaw as shown here, and Night Prowler (1962).

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Sue Owen

There was Sue Owen, the gorgeous long-haired brunette and then again there was Suzi Khan, the stunning short-haired blonde. With Sue, HM took the bluff he had played with Pamela Green and Rita Landre a stage further and produced two editions of Solo featuring the same model consecutively, No.49 and No.50. She really did look very different but he gave the game away in Kamera No.73, if anyone hadn't already noticed the family resemblance. He only made one glamour film of Sue though, Living Doll, so that was obviously a missed opportunity.

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