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Pamela Green

Certainly Harrison Marks' greatest model and the most famous figure model of the 50s and 60s, Pamela Green featured in nearly 300 photographs in Kamera alone and in over 50 of the 90 issues that were produced as well as numerous other publications, glamour movies and feature films.

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This sensuous, dark haired, brown eyed beauty first appeared in Kamera No.7 (1958). She was the cover girl on Kamera No.9 and filled the first ever Kamera colour centre-spread. That year she had Solo No.4 (1958) devoted to her. She decorated the first Kamera Calendar in May 1959 and warmed chilly February in the 1960 edition. Photographs of Julie, taken in the late fifties, continued to appear in Kamera from time to time. The last inclusion was in issue 40 in mid-1961. Sadly she departed the modelling scene before HM started on the glamour movies.

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June Palmer

June Palmer first appeared in Kamera No.23 (1959). It wasn't until Kamera No.49 (1963) that she really began to get noticed and became a big hit. She was the only model to appear in two editions of Solo, numbers 32 and 41 under the same name (Pamela Green appeared in No.13 as Rita Landre and No.20 as herself, also see Sue Owen). June also played major roles in two of the Harrison Marks feature films, The Naked World of Harrison Marks () and 9 Ages of Nakedness, as well as several 8mm home movies. Further details of June's extensive HM modelling career appear in our Models Database.

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Margaret Nolan

Margaret Nolan started her modelling and acting career under her real name but was sometimes known by her assumed name, Vicky Kennedy. The first time Kamera readers saw Margaret was in issue No.48 (1962). Then followed Solo No.23. Margaret became a popular regular and graced pages in issues 58, 64, 66 (as Vicky Kennedy) including the front cover and colour centre spread, and 69. No doubt her acting experience stood her in good stead for the three HM glamour movies she starred in 'One Track Mind' (1962), 'Nude in the Sun ('64)' and 'The Four Poster'. If you haven't seen Kamera before but Margaret seems familiar then you probably remember her from one of the 'Carry On' films.
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Sophia Dawn

Another stunner from the sixties - Miss Dawn first appeared in Kamera in issue No.56 (1963). Sophia Adawned the pages of Solo No.39 and was a principal model in the Harrison Marks hardback book She Walks in Beauty, photographed in Georges favourite location, Cornwall. She also appeared in two 8mm home movies - 'The Bare Truth' and 'Nature's Intended'.

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Barbara Halks

One of the highlights of 1967 in Kamera No.84, Barbara then graced the cover of Kamera No.85 and filled the pages of Solo No.57 very nicely. But Barbara had first appeared briefly in Kamera No.71 back in 1965. She starred in no less than three of the Harrison-Marks 8mm home movies, Eastern Exchange, Sitting Pretty (with Nicky Stevens) and Go Go Girl. Then she brightened up January and improved July for us on the 1969 Harrison Marks Calendar.

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